A scheduled collaborative planning meeting is a key component to the success of the inclusive model. The purpose of this meeting is for the occupational therapist and classroom teacher to collaboratively review the student assessment data, review the effectiveness of the sessions, and to plan the subsequent two sessions.  This review focuses on both class and individual progress.

The outcome of the collaborative planning meeting include:

  • Activities for the next week’s instruction
  • Adapted methods and tools as required for individualized interventions.

This meeting is held weekly after the second session. Before the meeting, one of the team members calculates percent legibility for the students’ writing samples.  At the meeting the classroom teacher and the occupational therapist complete the session review form and the co-teaching plan form.

Session Review

  • The session review form guides the team’s session review discussion.
  • It enables the instructors to identify students who are struggling or exhibiting specific problem and facilitates a discussion of the previous session’s effectiveness.
  • The observations made during the previous sessions are used to guide the discussion about problems, successes, and changes that need to be made for the next session.
  • Team members review the legibility percentages for the writing samples and specifically review the writing samples for struggling students.
  • The results of this review are used to develop individual supports for struggling students and identify students who need additional modeling, monitoring, and/or feedback.

Co-Teaching Plan

  • The co-teaching plan is developed after the Session Review process has been completed.
  • The co-teaching plan form guides the planning process and helps to ensure that all necessary areas are considered.
  • The team derives learning objectives from the district curriculum and the focus of instruction identified during the session review discussion.
  • The team identifies specific modifications, accommodations and writing supports for students who need writing supports.